Customer Services

Best customer service in the world


Free 24/7 Roadside assistance

Have a flat tire.Dead battery? Let our free 24/7 roadside assistance take care of it for you.

The Best Free insurance

Our cars are covered by fully comprehensive insurance that limits your risk to $250us. After that insurance covers it(with some exceptions)

Free island wide pickupdrop off

That’s right, we will pick up and drop off the car anywhere on the island once pickup and drop off are the same location.All at no extra charge

Unlimited Miles Car Rental

Explore the island as much as you like. Our cars come with unlimited mileage so you can keep driving until the end of your stay

Free GPS on your phone

Ask our staff about the free GPS on your phone with no data service required.

Zero Security Deposit

Yes you heard that right. Pay by credit card and you don’t have to leave a security deposit.

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